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Timeless Tune Revision Plus

Timeless Tune Revision Plus

Your satisfaction matters most. Following the delivery of your custom song, we offer a one-week grace period for a revision. But what if life gets busy? 

Perfecting a song can sometimes require more than just a quick touch-up, and the Timeless Tune Revision Plus add-on is here to ensure you have the time and dedicated attention to make your song truly shine.

Key Benefits of Timeless Tune Revision Plus:

Extended Revision Period: The standard one-week revision period can be too limiting. With this add-on, that constraint is removed, allowing you to request revisions well beyond the initial week.
Up to 4 Revisions:  With the Timeless Tune Revision Plus, you have 4 revisions included for your song, although our initial delivery is crafted with meticulous care to meet your specifications. This offer is there to fine-tune any subtle aspects you may wish to adjust, such as pronunciation details, volume levels, and blending the vocals with the song using enhanced EQ mixing. It’s our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction with every nuance of your custom song.
Peace of Mind: Enjoy the comfort of knowing you can refine your song over time. This add-on is ideal for those who wish to revisit their song after the initial excitement and ensure it aligns perfectly with their vision.

Please note, that without this add-on, you are entitled to only two revisions within one week following your song’s delivery. Our revisions include mixing adjustments, AI voice model retouches, and pronunciation corrections. For more information, please refer to our Terms page.

Add the Timeless Tune Revision Plus to your checkout to ensure your custom song is everything you dreamed of and more. Let’s create a masterpiece together, at a pace that suits your creative process.

Timeless Tune Revision Plus

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