• 1. Get Creative and Write Lyrics 💡

    Choose a song you love and write lyrics over it. Make sure to match the syllables and rhythm of the song. If you need help writing lyrics, feel free to message us.

  • 2. Leave us your Song details 📝

    Below, please provide us with details for your lyric swap. Choose the duration within the song where you'd like the lyrics changed. Also include a link to the song and a word document with your custom lyrics.

  • 3. Receive your AI Custom Song 🎵

    After waiting for the delivery time, you will receive your unique AI custom song. Surprise your friends or loved ones at a wedding, corporate event, or any special occasion!

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Change Song Lyrics with AI

Change Song Lyrics with AI

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We can help you change lyrics from any song by any artist. Simply leave your details above and place your order to begin! 🎶

Create memorable moments and demonstrate your affection through a one-of-a-kind lyric swap. Within five business days or less, AI Music Service's professional team of skilled audio engineers, talented vocalists, and expert AI voice training specialists will seamlessly substitute the lyrics of any song with your personalized ideas.

Changing song lyrics with AI is perfect for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, or any special occasion! Personalized songs provide a distinct avenue for self-expression, connecting with loved ones, or adding a memorable touch. Notably, they're also perfect for injecting humor into memes and playful videos! 

👉 Kindly reach out before placing an order if your lyrics aren't in English.

We look forward to helping you create a magical moment with music 🎵

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  • Hazel Maisy

    Changed lyrics from Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" for her sister's wedding gift. -

    "Just shared it at the wedding, everyone laughed so hard and my sister cried. Many people asked me how did I make it, I said you did and they said that’s REAL TALENT! Thank you so much again Brandon. You really made my idea come to life. Couldn't have done it without you. -

    The end product far exceeded expectations and was perfect at the first try. Their in-house singer helped to bring my custom lyrics to life. Stellar customer service too! Thank you so much!"

  • Olivia Grigoriou

    Changed lyrics from Charlie Feather's "That Certain Female" for a client presentation. -

    "We wanted to create a song for a pitch we were doing! We were looking to change the lyrics to an old song (but keep the original singer’s voice), and this delivered on that promise. Brandon and team were flexible, friendly and worked with us to get to the desired end goal - we really appreciated the lengths they went to to get there!"

  • Louise Roberts

    Changed lyrics from Lemonheads' "Mrs. Robinson" for her wedding reception. -

    "After searching in all of the internets corner for someone who could change lyrics to a popular song for our wedding, we finally stumbled upon AI music service and I'm glad that we did. They were incredibly consultative in their approach to ensure that the end result will be satisfactory. They will walk you through your requirements, give advice on what would work and what wouldn't. The end result was amazing and we are so happy we chose to work with AI music service, would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to do the impossible! 10/10 throughout."

  • Penny Z.

    Changed lyrics from Lin Manuel's "Alexander Hamilton" for her non-profit event. -

    "Needed a song to be relevant to my Annual Fundraising Gala for a non profit organization. I had an excellent experience from beginning to end with AI Music service. The end product was even better than I imagined in the short deadline AI Music had to complete the song and the video with lyrics. The video was shown to 300 people at a prominent Manhattan venue and the audience loved it."

  • Rishi Sriram

    Changed lyrics from Earth Wind Fire's "September" for his wedding. -

    "We were getting married on the 17th of September and wanted to change lyrics to reflect that, instead of 21st in the original song. It was a very small change, but it sounds perfect! The new lyrics sound exactly like the original song. Very satisfied!"

  • Alina Maddox

    Changed lyrics from Kenny Chesney's "Happy on the Hey Now" for her nephew. -

    "Brandon and his team did a beautiful job of seamlessly inserting my custom lyrics into a Kenny Chesney song for my nephew’s Celebration of Life. Everyone was really moved by the song. I’m grateful I found these guys and was able to honor my nephew in this way."

Have questions? We have answers!

How does the 'duration of changed audio' feature work?

Choose the duration of the song where you want the lyrics replaced. For instance, if you only need to change the chorus and it's less than a minute, select the 1-minute option.

Similarly, if you have only a few words to be replaced in the verses and choruses, and you estimate it to be under a minute, also choose the 1-minute duration.

Lyric replacements totaling 2 minutes or more are ideal for customers seeking to change most of the entire song. This is how our pricing system operates!

Can my song inquiry be in any language and accent?

Yes! While we do have talented in-house English and Spanish singers, we also have the flexibility to source a singer fluent in any language and accent you require. For instance, if you request a native song from England, we can arrange for a singer from the United Kingdom to provide the authentic English accent. This guarantees that your custom lyrics will capture the essence of the original singer flawlessly!

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

We aim for your satisfaction with your song! That's why our songs include complimentary revisions. If you wish to adjust your song after hearing it, we can revise the mix at no additional charge.

Why is the song service expensive?

We're the first and only service that changes lyrics while keeping the original singer's voice intact. When you choose our song package, you'll get a professional and talented singer performing your special lyrics. We then use AI to create a voice model of your desired artist, a process that requires rare skill and time. Our AI voice technology transforms our singer's voice to match the artist you want. We carefully fine-tune the song, mixing in the new lyrics seamlessly, ensuring top-notch quality. With us, you're getting the highest possible song quality.

When could you deliver my custom song?

In five business days. On rare occasions, your delivery could be pushed back due to many people ordering our rush delivery service. If you're in a hurry, you can opt for rush delivery and be ahead of the line!

How do I begin the process? What steps do I need to take?

To get started, please leave your song details and purchase your desired song package. We'll stay in touch with you throughout the song creation process. If you need to contact us, feel free to send an email to aivoiceservice@gmail.com.

Spark your Creativity

Client Ideas 💡

Business Video Presentation 💰

Enhance your presentation by including a customized song that incorporates lyrics about your business. Our client, Rachel, did this with the song 'Rockin' All Over the World' by Status Quo for her business 'Park It'. She cleverly replaced 'Rockin' with 'Parkin'', resulting in 'Parkin' All Over the World'!

Song for School's Team Sport ⚽️

Start by having students warm up with personalized lyrics about themselves and the mascot. Alternatively, use the song when the team arrives on the field, featuring personalized lyrics that will surprise the crowd as they hear an artist mention the athletes and your school!

Song for a Special Event 🍾

Let us craft a personalized song for your upcoming special event, be it a corporate gathering, sports tournament for charity, or a trivia night you'll be hosting. Kick off the evening in style with a surprise set of lyrics that highlights the uniqueness of the event.

A Unique Wedding Gift 💍

For a truly unique touch, imagine hearing your names woven into a beloved song, premiered on your special wedding day—an unforgettable moment just for you. Alternatively, consider gifting the bride or groom this personalized surprise, featuring lyrics tailored to their big day, for a truly special touch at the wedding you'll be attending soon!

Anniversary or Birthday Gift 🎁

For an upcoming anniversary or birthday celebration for your loved one or dear friend, consider gifting them this heartfelt surprise: the original artist singing personalized lyrics just for them. Picture the joy on their face and the warmth in their heart as they hear their favorite artist singing about the special person they are!