Ethical Consideration - AI Music Service

To whom it may concern, mainly the music artists...

As I have recently started my journey of following Jesus Christ, I've come to realize the ethical implications of stealing. It is a conflicting matter, and I will address my concerns as best as possible.

I am aware that changing lyrics from songs touches on complex copyright issues. However, I believe this can benefit both parties, and I want to address these benefits. Additionally, if any artist does not want their songs personalized for weddings or events, please let me know, and I will not adhere to any requests for their songs.

I consider this business to be an entertainment service. Just like a DJ who plays music at a wedding or event without necessarily paying fees every time they play a song, my business provides customized music for enjoyment, not for commercial sale.

I believe in my heart that this can benefit both parties—the original artist and the people under my employment, including myself. Some customers request songs by independent musicians. Our service can help increase an artist's followers and music stream engagement. Their songs will be talked about at events and weddings (our primary type of customer), and this can lead to more people discovering the artist and following them. For example, the wedding couple will play the song during their dance, and the people at the reception can Shazam the song or ask, "What song is this?".

Additionally, popular songs played at events can remind people to listen to that song again later, increasing streaming numbers. I understand that streaming does not provide substantial income to artists, as big labels and streaming companies often fail to compensate artists fairly. This is an ongoing issue that many artists are suffering from and that is not discussed enough. My aim is to at least pay the artist directly, rather than the label.

If a label decides to take legal action against my business, so be it. The best I can do is avoid taking requests for songs and artists associated with that label. I wouldn't be surprised if they take down a small business, given their existing greed.

I hope one day the company grows where we can pay a good percentage of fees to songwriters and producers. But as of now, I can compensate the main artist. I will gladly compensate them and give them 10% for any song package a customer selects for their song. They can be paid through PayPal or CashApp. Since the song requests are at random, the best way to go about this is to be contacted by the artist mentioning they want their share. 10% may not seem like a lot, but it's what I can compensate the artist at the moment. A singer, an AI voice trainer, and an engineer need to be paid as well.

Now my goal is to please God and Jesus as much as possible. And I'll admit I'm conflicted on the matter. Should I stop this business altogether or should I at least fight a bit to see if both parties can truly benefit from each other? And if one day my business were to be taken by Him, I will gladly accept. That would be God's plan.

The definition of stealing is to take someone's property without permission. But once an artist releases a song, is it still their property, or are they sharing it with the world? As an artist myself, if someone wanted to change the lyrics to my song to mention their loved one, I'd be honored. 

The artist and their song are to be extremely respected, so I do not accept any requests that could defame or make the artist look bad. Again, if an artist does not want their song lyrics changed or their song personalized and displayed at an event, please let me know, and I will not adhere to any requests for your song.

I believe both parties benefit here. Our business provides jobs—singers, engineers, AI experts, video editors, and others if this company continues to grow. And by showcasing and essentially promoting these songs at events, this will lead to the artist gaining new fans, new streams, and being remembered at someone's special occasion. Artists made a decision to release music to the public, and the possibility of personalizing their song for a fan to leave a long-lasting impression should be considered. That is what these songs do—they create special lasting moments and memories, and the original artist is getting the credit with their voice, and their instrumentation. We are just the middleman.

Again, I am not perfect, and I am trying to find a way to make this work. I love hearing stories of how special someone's wedding turned out to be due to making a song they love more personalized, and I also am conflicted with using someone else's art without compensating them.

But I believe this isn't a one-way transaction; if a song is requested, it means the customer is a fan of the artist, and they want their song to leave lasting memory on their special night or memorable event, and personalizing lyrics achieves this.

I know when I listen to good songs, I'll listen to them again. And I believe this business provides these artists with additional fans. I know I became a new fan of artists due to a client requesting songs I never heard. This business is my baby. I love listening to the new music recommendations and giving people value, and also giving artists their credit and deserved engagement. I hope to make God proud with my actions and trust that He will guide me if what I'm doing should be stopped. I also look forward to collaborating with musicians to build together. If you think I am in the wrong, have your own ideas, or want to discuss this further, please contact me. Let's discuss with the idea of building together, from one musician to another.

Brandon Siavichay

Founder of AI Music Service