Positive Purpose Policy - AI Music Service

At AI Music Service, we are committed to promoting positivity, inclusivity, and respect within our musical creations. We do not support or condone the use of our services for hate speech, bullying, political exploitation, racism, transphobia, or any form of harmful or offensive content. Our mission is to provide custom songs that spread joy, creativity, and entertainment to our valued customers.

Policy Details:

  1. Prohibited Content: We strictly prohibit the creation of custom songs that contain hate speech, bullying, offensive political content, racism, transphobia, or any form of harmful or negative messaging.
  2. Artistic Integrity: We uphold the artistic integrity of our singers and vocalists, ensuring that they do not engage in any activity that promotes negativity or harm.
  3. Purposeful Creations: Our services are intended for positive, fun, and entertainment purposes. We encourage customers to use our platform to create music that brings joy and happiness to themselves and their audience.
  4. Vigilant Review Process: Our team diligently reviews song requests to ensure they align with our Positive Purpose Policy. Any requests violating this policy will be declined.
  5. Customer Responsibility: We trust our customers to respect and abide by this policy when making song requests. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure their requested content adheres to our guidelines.
  6. Report and Review: If any customer encounters content in violation of this policy, we encourage them to report it immediately. We take such reports seriously and will take appropriate action.

Policy Enforcement: Failure to comply with this policy may result in the refusal of service or, in severe cases, permanent suspension of access to AI Music Service.

Policy Scope: This policy applies to all customers, users, and partners of AI Music Service.

Policy Revision: AI Music Service reserves the right to update or modify this policy at any time without prior notice.

Contact: For any questions, concerns, or to report a policy violation, please contact aivoiceservice@gmail.com