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Unlock the Future of Music with AI Music Academy

Welcome to AI Music Academy, your gateway to transforming songs with the power of AI vocals. Whether you’re a budding audio engineer or a music enthusiast, this course will teach you how to change song lyrics and create custom tracks with AI vocals.

Course Overview

In this comprehensive course, you'll learn from Brandon S., the founder of AI Music Service. With experience delivering hundreds of customized songs, Brandon brings his expertise to guide you through the exciting world of AI music. The course is designed for anyone with basic audio engineering skills, a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of any kind, and basic recording equipment.

What You'll Learn

  • Creating AI Voice Models: Dive into the technology behind AI vocals. Learn to create voice models that sound like your favorite artists.
  • Converting Vocal Audio Files: Master the art of converting and fine-tuning vocal audio files for the best quality.
  • Troubleshooting for High Quality: Get tips and tricks for troubleshooting and achieving high-quality AI vocals.
  • Mixing Tips and Tricks: Learn professional mixing techniques to make your custom songs sound just like the original.
  • Workflow Optimization: Use templates and streamline your process to save time and boost productivity.


  • Basic audio engineering knowledge
  • Access to a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • Basic recording equipment

Why Choose AI Music Academy?

  • Save Money: Create custom tracks yourself instead of paying for each song.
  • Valuable Skills: AI voice technology is evolving. Learning it now will be a valuable asset for your future projects.
  • Professional Guidance: Learn from Brandon S., a seasoned audio engineer and founder of AI Music Service.
  • Versatile Applications: Use these skills for music, dubbing projects, and more.

A Testimonial from Thomas Hazlet

“At the last minute, I decided to change our recessional song because the one we had picked just wasn’t doing it for us. A friend played 'It Takes Two' by Rob Base, and of course, the lyrics weren’t quite right for a wedding recessional. However, I changed the lyrics to make it appropriate and found AI Music Service to make it sound nearly 100% like the original. I was very pleased with the outcome. During the ceremony in Coco Kay, Bahamas, people didn’t really notice the changed lyrics because it sounded so much like the original. After the ceremony, it became our wedding song. Thank you, AI Music Service!” - Read More

Course Details

  • Instructor: Brandon S.
  • Platform: Logic Pro (but any DAW is suitable)
  • Audience: Music enthusiasts, audio engineers, and anyone interested in AI vocals
  • Format: In-depth video lessons and hands-on projects

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  • Hazel Maisy

    Changed lyrics from Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" for her sister's wedding gift. -

    "Just shared it at the wedding, everyone laughed so hard and my sister cried. Many people asked me how did I make it, I said you did and they said that’s REAL TALENT! Thank you so much again Brandon. You really made my idea come to life. Couldn't have done it without you. -

    The end product far exceeded expectations and was perfect at the first try. Their in-house singer helped to bring my custom lyrics to life. Stellar customer service too! Thank you so much!"

  • Olivia Grigoriou

    Changed lyrics from Charlie Feather's "That Certain Female" for a client presentation. -

    "We wanted to create a song for a pitch we were doing! We were looking to change the lyrics to an old song (but keep the original singer’s voice), and this delivered on that promise. Brandon and team were flexible, friendly and worked with us to get to the desired end goal - we really appreciated the lengths they went to to get there!"

  • Louise Roberts

    Changed lyrics from Lemonheads' "Mrs. Robinson" for her wedding reception. -

    "After searching in all of the internets corner for someone who could change lyrics to a popular song for our wedding, we finally stumbled upon AI music service and I'm glad that we did. They were incredibly consultative in their approach to ensure that the end result will be satisfactory. They will walk you through your requirements, give advice on what would work and what wouldn't. The end result was amazing and we are so happy we chose to work with AI music service, would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to do the impossible! 10/10 throughout."

  • Penny Z.

    Changed lyrics from Lin Manuel's "Alexander Hamilton" for her non-profit event. -

    "Needed a song to be relevant to my Annual Fundraising Gala for a non profit organization. I had an excellent experience from beginning to end with AI Music service. The end product was even better than I imagined in the short deadline AI Music had to complete the song and the video with lyrics. The video was shown to 300 people at a prominent Manhattan venue and the audience loved it."

  • Rishi Sriram

    Changed lyrics from Earth Wind Fire's "September" for his wedding. -

    "We were getting married on the 17th of September and wanted to change lyrics to reflect that, instead of 21st in the original song. It was a very small change, but it sounds perfect! The new lyrics sound exactly like the original song. Very satisfied!"

  • Alina Maddox

    Changed lyrics from Kenny Chesney's "Happy on the Hey Now" for her nephew. -

    "Brandon and his team did a beautiful job of seamlessly inserting my custom lyrics into a Kenny Chesney song for my nephew’s Celebration of Life. Everyone was really moved by the song. I’m grateful I found these guys and was able to honor my nephew in this way."