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AI Song Cover

AI Song Cover

At AMS, we ensure you receive freshly converted voice audio, precisely tailored to the voice you desire. Our team of audio engineers will skillfully blend it with vocal effects and synchronize it seamlessly with an instrumental track, resulting in a professional and polished outcome. 

How this works:

Message us with a YouTube link to the original song you want to be covered. One of our clients sent us a song titled "Down by the Bay" by Raffi.

We then took the music and separated the vocals from it, isolating the main vocal track and enhancing its quality. This essential step ensures a smooth conversion.

Now that we have obtained the isolated vocals, we will convert this audio into the client's desired voice model. The client specifically requested the voice of Biggie Smalls.

Raffi converted to Biggie Smalls, exclusively with AI Music Service:

Biggie Smalls vocals reference, just in case:


Pretty amazing right?

Here is the song fully mixed, along with other requested AI song covers created by AI Music Service.

Biggie Smalls - "Down by the Bay"

 Billie Eilish covering Ed Sheeran's song "Perfect"


How to Get Started:

Message us asking for the artist, celebrity, character, or person you'd like and the song you'd like the desired voice to cover. We will then let you know if they are in our database or if we would have to make their AI voice model. The more mainstream the artists, celebrities, or characters you want, the better chance they are in our database. Then once you agree with a pricing package and place an order, you can sit back and relax as we create and mix your incredible AI song cover, only at AI Music Service!

AI Song Cover

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